We are excited to share that our newest multimillion-dollar committment is well underway and includes the following:

 Lake Course Greenside Bunkers - Complete

Click here to see photos of before, during and after the bunker renovations

During the renovation the greenside bunkers were reshaped back to their original size and design. Through taking the time and expense to reshape the bunkers, we are now providing a much more crisp and manicured-looking edge on these bunkers. Over a nearly 40-year timeframe, the bunker faces became very misshapen and had an accumulation of a few inches to two feet of sand build up on them. The sand build-up on the bunker faces caused them to dry out faster than the rest of the green surrounds and resulted in poor turf quality around the bunkers. During the renovation process the sod was removed, the excess sand was stripped off and the new sod installed. We are very excited about our new ability to keep a well maintained edge on these bunkers.

The results have been extremely positive, not only aesthetically but from a playability standpoint. Drainage issues were also addressed which will help provide you with better quality bunkers and greatly reduce the time it takes the maintenance crew to get bunkers back in play after a rain event. Once the bunkers were rebuilt we installed a much higher quality sand in them. The sand that was selected is composed of 60% crushed Marble and 40% Silica sand that compacts very well preventing those famous “fried egg” lies while having an infiltration rate of 67.3 inches per hour. A total of 1600 tons of sand is being used for the Lake and Island Bunker projects combined.

If you are interested in learning more about the process we will be using please visit billybunker.com. This is the same process that was recently used one of our sister clubs and you can see their experience on the Club's blog post: Bluegrass Better Billy Bunkers.

Island Course Greenside Bunkers - Complete

Our vendor moved directly from the Lake Course to the Island Course bunkers starting with #18. The crew is nearing completion of the bunkers on the back nine, and will then move to the front nine which actually has about twice the square footage as the back nine. There are a total of 51 greenside bunkers on the Island. Our expected completion for this project will be in late March.

The excavation, edging, drainage work, and introduction of new sand to these bunkers will provide a higher quality playing experience for all of you and your guests while allowing our golf course maintenance team to maintain a clean crisp edge on the bunkers. Once the crew puts the sand in the bunkers we will water it and run a plate compactor over it to firm up the bunkers quickly and get them back into play. Once completed, this project will help increase the amount of time our golf course maintenance team on non-bunker work, since they will no longer have to spend 60+ man hours per course pumping out and recovering the bunkers after every rainfall of half inch or more.

Marsh Course Greens Project – Scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 26

We will soon begin the renovation of the Marsh Course greens. Last summer, we converted the Forest Course greens to TifEagle from TifDwarf. The new greens have been a big hit and have continued to mature since installation. This summer, we are truly excited about the same conversion to TifEagle occurring on the Marsh course as we know this will help improve the experience that we will provide to our Membership. You will soon be able to enjoy a TifEagle putting surface on all five of our courses. Many have shared that the Marsh Course is their favorite and they cannot hardly wait until the project is completed. We agree! The Marsh course will receive new tee signs prior to its reopening this Fall.

During the greens renovation we will adjust the greens sizes back to their original dimensions and adjust the undulation as necessary similar to what was done on the Forest course.

During the construction process, Marsh Classic and Fitness Members will be able to enjoy the Lake Course (same restrictions apply for Fitness Members).

The construction process is very involved and includes the following:

  • Existing greens (18) are dug out.
  • Contractor will rototill the remaining greens mix and begin adding the new greens mix and rototill again to incorporate the two mixes into one consistent mix. This process takes about 30 days.
  • New irrigation heads are installed.
  • After the greens are floated out to finish grade the greens will be covered and treated with methyl bromide to eliminate any soil pathogens, nematodes or lingering Tifdwarf. Once you see the plastic covers on the greens please stay away from them and keep your pets away, as this is a soil sterilizer that could make you sick.
  • After seven days, the covers are removed and allowed to air out for three days prior to finish prep.
  • Greens are sprigged with TifEagle, replacing the antiquated TifDwarf grass and grown in.

Main Street Crossing – Completed

The very busy intersection between our main range/snack bar/cart barn and Island putting green is what we refer to as "Main Street". This main street crossing improvements included:  the removal of the concrete and asphalt approximately 30 ft in each of the four directions from the intersection. The area was then compacted with stabilized soil and a 6” thick new concrete slab will be poured with rebar running through it in both directions for strength and stability. Also, a cart parking area was added on the west side of the range to provide a more convenient area to park while practicing and warming up.  Thank you all for your patience while this project was underway as the Club continued to be busy during construction.   Many of you have shared that it was worth the wait……and we agree!

Range Clock – Postponed until 2016

We have decided to postpone the installation of this project until 2016 as other priorities have surfaced within the other large scale projects underway or already completed.  We anticipate it now being a 2016 project.  Along with the main street crossing improvements, a new 10 foot tall four sided clock (similar to photo on left) will be installed on the corner closest to the driving range tee across from the halfway house. This clock will be a signature piece for our club giving the range a sense of arrival and informing our Members of the time as they warm up prior to their tee time.

Additional Driving Range Upgrades and Amenities – In Process

During the main street crossing project, we installed conduit from the laundry room under Main Street to supply power for the future clock and also power and data cables out to the range tee for music at the range.  We have also ordered all new bag stands, dividers, club cleaners, and yardage signage for all 3 ranges (Kingwood, Deerwood and Golf Advantage School).  The amenities have started to arrive and will be installed soon.

Golf Course Amenities & Signage Package – In Process

Three of our golf courses including: Deerwood, Island, and Lake will all be receiving a complete amenity package including new tee signage, tee markers, ball washers, trashcans, water cooler stations, divot bottle stations, benches, and directional signage.  These items have started to arrive on site and will be installed soon after we have flagstone base for ball washers/water coolers, etc. completed.

Cart Path Repairs –

This year, in addition to the Main Street crossing, we will work to address the areas most in need on the Marsh Course, similar to what was done on the Forest Course last Fall.  Our plan is  complete the cart path repairs while the Marsh course greens are being renovated.

Other Additional Projects include:

During the winter, our Golf Course Maintenance Crews were very focused on continuous improvement. In addition to the capital projects noted above, our crews worked tirelessly to enhance your golfing experience by completing the following projects among many others:

Forest Course

  •  The Forest cleaned up the lake bank and underbrush on #5 and #6 and it looks great.  They also relocated the love grass that was right of the cart path on #5 to the mounds behind #7 green. The tee shot from the golf tees on #5 has gotten easier and back to the original design and challenge.
  •  The Forest crew finished their cutting on the islands between #9 and #10 and between #3 & 12. The clean up took longer than originally expected but looks great.  We did not remove any trees more than 15 years old.  We hope to make this at least an annual clean up to keep them from getting overgrown again.  We believe that you'll agree that this effort will yield much improved views around this part of the course.

Island Course

  • The crew  cleaned up the lake bank on #6 and improve the view.   Success!  If you haven't already seen these improvements, you are definitely in for a treat.   During the bunker project, we utilized some of the old sand from the bunkers to fill in and smooth the lake edge.
  •  Additionally, the drainage of the area left of tee on 10 has been addressed.  This issue was created many months ago when we removed the overgrowth in this area and installed sod.  We’re pleased to have these drainage issues resolved.

Marsh Course

  • The Marsh crew removed many dead trees throughout the course including twelve dead trees on holes sixteen and seventeen alone. Fairway yardage markers will repainted while the greens will be under construction.  The crew used some of the old sand from the Island bunker project to level low areas and cart path edges around the course this week. Additionally, they also got the majority of the course edging yardage plates and sprinkler heads completed.  The crew removed gravel from most of the green side bunkers and they will continue until we don’t see any more gravel.

Lake Course

  •  The Lake course crew has just finished the clean up between #2 and #3. This clean up should provide a much better looking golf hole as well as improved turf conditions this summer on both fairways.  
  •  Additionally, we also cleaned up the areas between #1 and #9 with hopes of getting some more sunlight onto the turf on #9 fairway.
  •  Many of you have expressed your appreciation for the detailed edging of the fairway bunkers on #5 and #7.  This was a very labor intensive project because the crew had to pull the sand away from the edge and then take a square shovel and actually cut a new edge on the bunker about a foot back from where it was.  The completion of this project should allow us to keep a crisp edge on the fairway bunkers very similar to the new greenside bunkers. 

Deerwood Club

  • Recently, we laid sod on several holes where we have had perennial turf issues.  Holes #1, 6, 7 and 12 have been completed.   While these areas are growing in, please treat these areas as GUR and keep carts and traffic off these areas.  

New Box Tee Signage

New Tee Markers

New Fairway Yardage Signs

Example of New Range Clock